Our frame is perfect in all details thanks to the lasercut technology powered by advanced CNC machines. With the complex G-code programming and the electromagnetic waves of 50,000 nanojoules (nJ), our eyeglasses are produced with the same standard as equipment found in airplanes, medical apparatus, supercars and many more high standard parts across various industries.

Smart Components

Every single part of our eyewear can be

They are easy to be maintained, adjusted and fixed, without the help of the professionals or any sophisticated tools.

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Premium Stainless
Steel Material

Our frames are crafted from one of the highest grades of stainless steels, as used in high-end watches from world-renown manufacturers.

IP Plating

Ion Plating (IP) also known as physical vapor deposition (PVD), is a vacuum-based process that uses plasma to deposit a thin layer of metal onto the surface of an object.

The object to be plated is placed in a vacuum chamber, and a high-energy ion beam bombards the metal to be deposited, causing
it to vaporize and adhere to the surface of
the object.

The quality of the finish is generally very high, with a uniform, consistent appearance that is resistant to fading and wear.



More wear resistance than normal plating



Thick plating technique


more robust finishing with atomic-sized energetic particles coating comparing to spray-coated eyewear

Extra thin Frame and Temples

The extreme thinness makes our groundbreaking design possible and irreplicable. This also results in almost zero pressures on the ears and nose upon wearing.


Heat resistance

High Heat Resistance

Even the flame thrower can barely destroy our eyewear! Our material yields a super high heat resistance than most commonly used stainless steels.





Bending tested

Flexible, Yet
Durable Structure

Strong but soft is not an unrealistic definition of our frame. It is proven to be more sturdy than most types of metals.

Special Gouging Frame

The precise lens and frame assembling position is a key factor of the rarity of gouging frames. They are typically only available among high-end manufacturers due to its specific compatibility of lenses and frames.

Note: to comply with our frame fitting standard, we only allow the following lens thickness to be fitted with the gouging frame type:

thin lenses (1.6 index)

extra thin lenses (1.67 index)

ultra thin lenses (1.74 index)