Nickel-Titanium (NiTiNol)

Form-Reversion Metal

A functional metal with unique properties that allow it to be trained to move on its own. It’s a functional metal that can go through solid-state phase transformations, meaning it can be stretched, bent, heated, cooled and still remember its original shape.

Nasa Robot Material

Nickel-Titanium (NiTiNol) the same material as a static rock splitter device based on high-force, high-temperature shape memory alloys.

It was developed for space related applications requiring controlled geologic excavation in planetary bodies such as the Moon, Mars, and near-Earth asteroids. Shape Memory Alloy Rock Splitter (SMARS), consisted of active (expanding) elements that generate extremely large forces in response to thermal input

An innovations actuated by Nickel-Titanium (NiTiNol),
as used in Ophtus eyewear

Soft Five-
Fingered Hand

Thanks to the smart property of Nickel-Titanium (NiTiNol), a novel five-fingered soft hand prototype can be actuated, with an overall lightweight and flexible structure capable of silent motion.

An innovation actuated by Nickel-Titanium (NiTiNol),
as used in Ophtus eyewear

The Science Behind


The concept of Nickel-Titanium (NiTiNol) and pseudoelasticity can be explained with the structural phase transition between the austenitic high and low temperature, resulting in its durability and reliability.

This smart material with unique functional and intelligence properties, has attracted much attention in recent decades, and is suitable for highly functional inventions across the industries. Its application in the eyewear industry is, hence, very intriguing.

IP Plating

Ion Plating (IP) also known as physical vapor deposition (PVD), is a vacuum-based process that uses plasma to deposit a thin layer of metal onto the surface of an object.

The object to be plated is placed in a vacuum chamber, and a high-energy ion beam bombards the metal to be deposited, causing
it to vaporize and adhere to the surface of
the object.

The quality of the finish is generally very high, with a uniform, consistent appearance that is resistant to fading and wear.



More wear resistance than normal plating



Thick plating technique


more robust finishing with atomic-sized energetic particles coating comparing to spray-coated eyewear

Whole Frame Flexibility





Bending tested

Frame weight



The lightest eyewear possible in its own league